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Chad’s Custom Building is your premier construction and carpentry experts, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

About Us

Chad’s Custom Building (CCB) started out in 2008 as a small operation focusing on framing for single family homes in Manitoba. Over the early years CCB expanded into speculative residential builds and general contracting. The company grew significantly over the years and branched out into multi-family commercial wood construction, which is now their main focus and specialty. With an experienced and knowledgeable framing crew, CCB now concentrates on commercial builds ranging from 40,000 to 200,000 square feet.

An experienced crew with solid leadership has led CCB to be one of the top and sought-after companies in their field. Worker safety takes top priority, and on-site safety personnel ensure strict safety guidelines are followed at all times. The company prides itself in being able to meet tough contract timelines, even in adverse weather conditions. On-site material waste is minimized through efficient procedures developed over the years of experience. The company focuses on efficiency, reliability and quality in all the work that they do.

Do yourself a favor and work with Chad's Custom Building. I've had the opportunity to work with Chad and his team, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Very professional, easy to work with, and very easy going.

Our Values


We value honesty and integrity above all else. Whether we're constructing a home, or helping enhance an office, Chad's Custom Building will be honest throughout the entire process.


We believe in work being produced at a timely and efficient manner. Our team of professional carpenters, project managers and consultants work together to ensure each project is completely properly, and on time!


The pre-construction process is the most imperative, as it lays the ground work for your entire project. Chad's Custom Building tackles every construction job with precision and accuracy to make sure your project is completed exactly as you had planned.


Communication is key to ensuring that every project is done well. Chad's Custom Building encourages open communication between us and our clients. We work to minimize any and all confusion by keeping our customers up-to-date during every stage of the construction project.


If we weren't experienced, then we shouldn't be trusted. We only bring on the best in the business to join our team. As Manitoba's premier carpentry company, we are committed to remaining at the forefront, which can only be done by constantly bolstering our team with seasoned, expert professionals.

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